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street food

Sometimes your event does not suit the formality of a sit down affair, or anything as decadent as canapes.


Sometimes we need to provide lip smacking tasty meals in minutes, with a bit of a theatre, served in a more functional way.


Perfect for corporate launches, outdoor events, birthday celebrations and the more relaxed occasion.  

Prices from £12.50

Delicious by Winston's operate Street Food ​stands which can be customised to your chosen cuisine and branded and designed to provide that bit of theatre!

For larger events we can pop-up three stands each with different cuisines to give your event goers a choice, or they can try all three!

Our pop-ups include

  • Traditional Fish and Chips

  • Mexican Tacos & Fajitas

  • South Asian BBQ Satay

  • Bengal Dynasty Curry Stand

  • Try Thai Noodles

  • Southern Style Dixie Fried Chicken

  • The Dirty Vegan 

  • Mac n Cheese Stands

If your desired concept is not listed please contact us and we'll see if we can meet your requirements.

To discuss your event & design your menu, please call us on 01244 722660 or email

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